How to Get Facebook Messenger on Your Phone

The most popular social network in the world always think of each of its members in the way that always brings new applications and upgrades that can be useful in many aspects of everyday life of each person such as good communication contacts you have as friends in the personal account, and of course among other applications and other tools.

Facebook Messenger

But now gives you the facility to continue talking with your Facebook contacts through an application called Facebook Messenger of which is a chat social network itself gives you so you can watch on everything you want to know about your contacts, in addition to also have a good connection via live video calls and voice calls.

If you want to have this application on your mobile phone you just have to follow step by step the following procedure will explain you everything you need then you need to learn to How to Get Facebook Messenger.

How to Get Facebook Messenger

First we will enter your mobile phone to the “Play Store” android application that you can offer to your browser then write the word “Messenger” and for now will get a blue icon, we will give in to download after accepting the terms of this application will offer, good and downloaded all you have to do is log on to it with your Facebook account and place your mobile phone when this application will require.

How To Change Profile Picture On Facebook

Sometimes it is advisable to change the profile picture of Facebook to vary the way you want to be seen by other people besides zanjarnos not always with the same photo provided show something different. To begin to change Profile Picture On Facebook must locate on the home page of Facebook.

Change Profile Picture On Facebook

Before you start this process you should have in your computer the image that you use JPG and measuring 160 x 160 pixels (if not have in this specific measure and not worry about who is responsible is ordered to adapt, they are generally square). The first thing you have to do is place yourself on your Facebook wall.

When you have loaded your wall, you must locate the mouse pointer where your profile picture, you’ll notice an option called “Update profile picture” to proceed to click appear. A window will ask “Upload picture” (when the corresponding picture to have it in your personal computer) or “Take Picture” (if you count your computer has a webcam) will open.

Profile Facebook

In our case the first option select us and looking the picture shown, when you’ve located him you click on “open” and expect to climb to Facebook. Your profile picture alone would be to cut your image dimensions then Facebook can be displayed, when you get ready you just have to click “Crop and save”. Usually that would be that the process your photo has been changed and what your other friends can see.